“Step inside the Cabin and learn more about the inspiration behind the scenes at Oshys Beauty Cabin.”

Laura explains more in this Q&A.

Hi there, Laura. Can you tell us about your love of beauty & how it got you here, to owning your own successful business?

I had always been creative and struggled at school with most academic sides, once I left school I went straight to do media make up as my dream was to work on film sets.

I met my partner very young at the age of 16 and we started our life together from very young, I needed a regular income at the time which make up couldn’t give me.

“My first option was beauty therapy, I thoroughly enjoyed it and worked my way up to level 4.”

So what were your inspirations to get into the beauty business? What were you looking to achieve?

I am a very caring person and I love the thought of helping other people feel better about themselves. No matter what shape or size, I want women to feel confident, something as simple as a eyebrow wax or a set of lashes can do this instantly.

I worked in many salons before going soley on my own, I wanted to give a more private and personal approach for clients, a safe space they could come without the rush and busyness of a town salon.

I find I build a much stronger relationships with my clients this way and over the years have built a lovely client base.

You’re obviously very passionate; are there any treatments that particularly excite you?

My favourite are eyelash extensions and eyebrow treatments. In a matter of 30 – 90mins you completely transform someone’s looks and confidence.

I also enjoy waxing, this gives a instant long lasting result.

Lastly, we all love a beauty treatment. But what do you think is it that makes a relaxing salon environment?

I’ve always had a purple theme, I find this colour is very calming and relaxing. I have a beautiful cosy set up that is extremely clean and always burning a gorgeous candle.

Clients often say when they’re here …

“oh I feel like I can finally relax and switch off” & “you wouldn’t even know i was here it’s so cosy”